July 17, 2024

‘Insan Charitable Trust’- Elevating for a Noble Change

An Entrepreneur, Author and Social Activist, Mr Ansif Ashraf, has put his best foot forward towards a noble cause by starting a Charitable Foundation, ‘Insan Charitable Trust’ in the holy month of Ramadan.

The Foundation is started by the inspiration of works done by Roukiya Bi, the great grandmother of Mr Ansif Ashraf. Roukiya Bi worked as a Quran and Urdu Teacher in Kochi at Zanana Madrassa Islamia under Mrs. Aasia Bai at the time when education to Muslim girls was considered haram (prohibited) by the Muslim clergy. Aasia Bai formed Zanana Madrassa Islamia Trust in the 1930s.

Ansif Ashraf is the son of Late Dr Sheikh Ahmed Mohammad Asharaf, who was a Research Scholar in Islamic Studies and secured his PhD in Islamic Studies from Kerala University. He did his research from King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia. In addition to that, Dr S.A Mohammad Asharaf was also twice Parliament Secretary to the Member of Parliaments from Kerala, Mr Sebastian Paul, MP (Ernakulam) and Dr K.S. Manoj, MP (Alapuzha).

‘Insan Charitable Trust’ doesn’t associate with any individual directly, rather works only through recognised and acknowledged organisations without showing any differentiation of caste, religion, and race. ‘Insan Charitable Trust’s first successful initiation has been in providing a Self -Sustainable System for women who are widows and less -privileged. For this purpose, they joined hands with a Trust in Kochi and setting up a sewing and stitching centre for women to support them financially and create an independent identity for them in society.

Ansif Ashraf serves as the Secretary-General for Kerala State, for APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation, appointed by the family of APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India.

The Foundation plans to come up with more initiatives in the future to support women, as Ansif believes that the cycle of business and life, is all about giving back.


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