July 9, 2020
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Indian student killed in the US

Brisbane, Australia - August 24, 2016: White smoke was rising from the garage area of a hotel which triggered the fire alarm. There was no reported delay to the filming of the Thor Movie.

An innocent Indian accounting student, who was a part-time employee in a grocery shop located in the US state of California, has been brutally shot to death by a criminal gang of robbers, who have carried out a robbery operation in the shop where the boy was employed.

The media houses have reported that an Indian man was also a part of this aforementioned criminal gang.

The US authorities have informed the media houses that there were nearly four people involved in the crime.

According to the media reports, the victim, Dharampreet Singh Jasser, has made a failed attempt to hide behind the cash counter. Unfortunately, the robbers have found the innocent man minutes before their departure and shot him to death.

An investigation into the incident is on. The police office officials have arrested an Indian man in connection with the case.

It is not clear who has shot the Indian victim to death. So far, no information regarding the case has been publicised by the police officials.


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