September 17, 2021

Indian Rupee Opens Latin american Indian Film Fest

Latin America’s first ever Indian film festival opens up with a Prithviraj-starrer Malayalam movie, Indian Rupee, directed by Renjith. This was the inaugural movie at the Bhava International Indian Film Festival which commences on December 5 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “Bhava, universo de cinema Indian”, meaning, universe of Indian cinema, would feature 35 films from various Indian languages, lasting for 25 days.
“We hope that this film festival probably opens up a new path to a deeper cultural interaction between India and Brazil,” said the main curator of Bhava, Mr.Jyothi Das.

It took three years for the film festival to become a reality as Mr.Das wanted to showcase Indian cinema beyond Bollywood.
With the support of the Brazilian government and the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Tantri Arte, an agency based in Brasilia, which focuses on the promotion of Indian forms of art in Brazil, organizes the film festival.
“For many in Latin America, India is all about Bollywood and raunchy item dances, which is not true and thus this effort to bring in carefully selected movies from many Indian languages,” he said.
Some of the selected films are Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s Naalu Pennungal, Priyadarshan’s Kancheevaram, Girish Kasaravalli’s Gulabi Talkies, Gautam Ghosh’s Manur Manush and Seema Vishwas’ Hath .Two more festivals with the same package will be organized in Sao Paulo and Brazil.


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