August 6, 2021

India enters exclusive hub of space super powers with ‘Mission Shakti’

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It is a proud moment. Indian has entered an exclusive hub of space super powers with the help of ‘Mission Shakti’ –the mission the country has successfully completed by demonstrating its capability to strike satellites with missiles. Apart from India, only three other countries possess this capability. They are Russia, China and the United States. With the success, where India has entered is the exclusive club of these three powerful countries which have the capability to strike satellites with missiles.

The concept was originally developed during the Cold War days, during which Russia’s predecessor Soviet Union was keen to develop anything and everything capable to keep its defence capacity a step higher than its rival’s (that is, the US).

It was during the year 2007 the concept re-emerged in the defence surface. China was the one who was responsible for that unexpected re-emergence. The US was the one which initially revealed that China successfully developed the capacity to strike satellites with missies. Though in the initial stage China hesitated to make a comment over the US’ finding, later it officially acknowledged the report released by the world’s most powerful country.

Now, India’s success is very crucial for many reasons. Notably, India has successfully crashed a satellite situated in the Low Earth Orbit as a part of the mission. It is assumed that India has the capability to target even those satellites situated in the Upper Earth Orbit.

In the modern era, countries are overtly reliant on their satellite capacities to meet their defence needs. In that dimension also, the latest victory of India has many long-term implications.      


Vignesh. S. G

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