June 20, 2024
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In a daring heist, a couple stole $8 crore

A couple who reportedly planned a risky multi-crore dollar theft were apparently defeated by their desire for a fruit-flavored beverage close to Hemkund Sahib in Uttarakhand.

Mandeep Kaur and her husband Jaswinder Singh are allegedly the masterminds behind the audacious theft at the cash management company’s headquarters in Ludhiana, according to the Punjab Police. On June 10, armed robbers overcame security officers at the CMS Services headquarters and grabbed 8 crore rupees in cash.

After the theft, Mandeep Kaur and Jaswinder Singh reportedly made a journey to the Sikh temple Hemkund Sahib to express their gratitude to God for the outcome of their mission, according to Mandeep Singh Sidhu of the Ludhiana Police Commission.

Police said that even though they were aware that Mandeep Kaur and Jaswinder Singh were at Hemkund Sahib, it was difficult to find them among the multitude of worshippers.

Packets of a fruit-flavored drink were distributed to worshippers from a free beverage kiosk that had been put up. The couple entered the kiosk, grabbed their packs, showed their faces, and drank without realising they were being lured into a trap. They were recognised by the police, but they took no action. The group awaited the couple’s conclusion of their prayers.

Police proceeded to arrest them as they left the temple following their prayers. After a brief chase, the pair were apprehended.

The couple’s property was recovered for a total of 21 lakh, according to Police Commissioner Sidhu. A total of roughly 6 crore of the $8 million in theft had been recovered by police so far. Police said that they had detained nine suspects in the case.

The kingpins of the Ludhiana theft were apprehended in less than 100 hours, according to Punjab Police Chief Gaurav Yadav. “Police teams used a professional & scientific approach to solve the multi-crore robbery,” he continued.

According to the official Twitter account for the Ludhiana Police, this should serve as a “chilling reminder for all anti-social elements.”

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