July 8, 2020
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How to make perfect eye brows; the decoration of your eyes – Elizabath Chacko (MD – Kalpana’s International)

Women have different streaks above their eyes. Some have thin while others have thick eye brows. You may look at pictures of Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra, eye brows play a major role in their looks.

The eye brows play the role as the outline of the eye shape, at the same time it says a lot about one’s personality and emotions. The eye brows are noticed when you look at one’s eye, a woman’s beauty lies in her sparkling eyes, so having a perfect eye brow makeup is necessary. Getting your eye brows done is a process of patience and requires a good hand.

Having perfect eye brows might take a lot of trial and error, so here are the major steps to achieve perfect eye brows.

1.Threading: Make sure that the threading job is done by the experts. Some people tend to the job themselves and start shaping with the tweezers. It need give a perfect shape, and when you compare both your eye brows you might notice the difference. Better go to a beauty parlour and get it waxed and shaped.

2.Outline: You may take the matters into your hands and use the eye brow pencil. Use black or brown color. Draw it along the dark region of your eye brows, and make sure that it does not come outside the outline. Also, ensure that it doesn’t spread as too dark eye brows can get bad rap.

  1. Brush it: Brush it well using the brush side of your tool. Do it thoroughly covering the hair region uniquely spreading the color over the dark as well as light areas. Do not use your fingers as it will spread. Wipe off the spreading using a cotton soaked in water with steady hands.

  1. Highlight: Highlight the brows with brow pencil. But, this is optional. Also, apply powder beneath brow region to cover up the obvious trim patches.

5.To keep it arched: Finish your brow process off by        setting them up. Add a clear brow gel to set hair in place,             and keep them looking arched, they will look perfect     throughout the day.

This process involves less expense but it needs patience, of course. When you get the right result, then it will satisfy your day. Enjoy!


     Elizabath Chacko

     MD – Kalpana’s International

Photo Courtesy : Google/ images may be subject to copyright


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