July 5, 2020
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Home Remedies For Dandruff

Dandruff is a common scalp disorder. It can occur due to dry skin, growth of fungus and bacteria on the scalp. Dandruff can control by healthy hair care treatments. Here are some natural, simple home remedies for Dandruff.


Heat oil in a pan and then add an equal amount of lemon juice into it. Mix well.  Massage gently on your scalp using this mixture. After about 30 minutes, rinse off with shampoo. Using this remedy for about 3 weeks to get good results.


Take a handful of tulsi leaves, and grinded and pasted in a grinder. Apply this paste on your scalp. After about 1 hour wash it off with plain water. Tulsi have antiseptic property, it helps in removing infections of the skin. Use this remedy thrice in a week for getting better result.


Take a small amount of curd. Whisk the curd and apply on your hair like a mask. After an hour. Wash it off with a shampoo. This gives the hair shiny and soft texture. And it also helps to combat dandruff.


Soak ½ cup of fenugreek seeds in water for few hours. Make a thick paste and apply on scalp. Leave it for 1 hour. Rinse it off with water. Repeat this in a thrice in a week. This gives better results.


Neem leaves help to treat dandruff as well as many other hair problems. Boil a cup of neem leaves in four cups of water. Cool the solution and strain the solution. Use this as a hair rinse. Use this remedy thrice in a week for getting better result.

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