August 6, 2021
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How to deal with stretch marks

stretch markMost of us are self-conscious about scars and stretch marks. We admire the supermodels and wonder how they maintain their skin tones so well, isn’t?

It’s always fascinating to have natural remedies as a complete solution to keep up the appearance awesome, isn’t? Around 80% of the population have stretch marks and they are super common. Unfortunately, there isn’t an effortless method to get rid of them completely.

Stretch marks are actually a type of scar. “Stretch marks are the thin lines that develop on the skin’s surface; when the skin is stretched beyond its elastic capacity. When a part of the body develops within a span of time, the fibres in the middle layer of the skin can break and cause small tears in the tissue. Mostly, the size of the scar depends on the elasticity and thickness of the skin. These tears can reveal blood vessels in the intense skin lays, results in red, pink or purple line on the skin’s surface. Eventually, as the blood vessels contract, the discolouration fades and streaks may look similar to a scar. Although our human skin is awful resilient, a rapid body change during the puberty, pregnancy and when the body weight changes, leave a mark. Stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body, most likely in places with larger fat deposits, including breasts, thighs, abdomen, butt, breasts and hand shoulds.

Genetics and ethnicity can also influence to some extent. To minimize the marks in a natural process it leads to reduce the surface of the stretch marks and scars.

Here are some of the right ingredients to invest:

Applying topical creams keep the skin hydrated and support to strengthen the skin. Products containing ginkgo; when used on a daily basis improve circulation and the antioxidant content heal wounds. It also starts to smooth skin and minimize dimples. Other helpful ingredients include Centella Asiatica in natural biases it heals the would. Amino acids are primarily used in protein synthesis and regeneration of healthy new tissue.

For fair to medium skin tones. a good self-tanner help conceals white lines. Considering to use topical vitamin A derivatives like retinoids, retinol (only after prescription) could make the stretch marks less apparent. “A study published in the American Society (2014) of Dermatologic Surgery found that a prescription retionod used daily for 16 weeks, helped reduce the appearance of newer, red stretch marks.”

Applying daily sunscreen with SPF is another aspect to consider. Same for rainy or summer season. Applying it accordingly if the body is too sweaty or workout that may cause the sunscreen to rub off.

Another sensitive part to watch out is during the workout. Maintaining a healthy weight balance is always better. Sometimes the adding muscle too quickly can lead to changes in the skin. Take action to heal the marks quickly, the longer its hard to treat. Ideally, the scar can start to treat during its red to the pink stage. It is held that the inflammatory stage the marks heal fast.

Nothing less than to be proactive! It is always easy and better to prevent stretch marks and scars than to treat them. Follow a balanced diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins A, B and E, all of which can help preserve healthy skin. If you are actively trying to build muscle, this is were keeping skin hydrated comes in handy.

When the topical treatments fail, the next option is to turn to meet profession doctor. Examine the treatment costs as there are various approaches to treating them at different stages.


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