July 15, 2020

HiLITE Business Park

HiliteHiLITE Business Park, a part of the 32,00,000 sq. ft. HiLITE City at Calicutis one-of-a-kind office complex with world-class infrastructure setamid 16 acres of lush and verdant surroundings. HiLITE City, locatedon the NH 17 Bypass, is one HiLITE Builders’ most ambitiousundertaking yet. Convenience and luxury meet at HiLITE Business Park.It is the perfect workplace with more than hundred plush officespaces. We are the first in Kerala to provide a business park thataccommodates both IT and non IT sectors. Gone are the days whenfuturistic office spaces and state-of-the-art facilities are seenonly in IT parks and their offices. With HiLITE Business Park,business takes on a new definition.

TheBusiness Park boasts of thirteen-storied towers with more thanhundred office spaces ranging from 1125 sq. ft. to 19,000 sq. ftalong with facility management and coffee shops. The towers areaesthetically designed in an ‘S’ shape that provides an excellentview from all angles. Its spectacular architecture and breathtakinginterior features will leave you spell-bound from the moment you stepin. With an impressive five tiered car park and a redefined workplacethat ensures maximum ventilation, HiLITE Business Park is the mostdesirable address for any business.

Takingfull advantage of its location, HiLite Business Park offers unlimitedfacilities and features.From being fully centralized air conditionedto having a business centre, 250+ seats multipurpose hall and boardrooms, HiLITE Business Park has it all. It is an all encompassingdestination for all businesses and offices. With swank new officespaces, HiLITE Business Park is now ready to fit out.

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