December 10, 2023
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Heavy rain batters North India; several districts situated in Assam and Bengal remain submerged


The heavy rain has triggered a surge of anxiety among the local administrators and disaster management officials as it has created a high level of damages unprecedentedly in the regions where it has been suffered.

In Assam alone, nearly seventy-six persons have lost their life due to the rain and flood related issues. As per the report, the death toll is likely to increase in the coming days. In the state, as per the latest updates, nearly 58, 837 people belonging to 224 villages have been directly affected by the flood. Almost nine districts have been declared as the flood-affected region.

In order to avoid such disaster, the West Bengal government has given warnings and alerts to all those people who are living in the vulnerable regions. In the state, some low-lying regions have been submerged due to the continuing rain.

The situation is not different in the North Indian states like Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.

It is learned that the authorities are likely to send more disaster management forces in these flood-affect and rain-affected regions in order to help the people who are suffering from this issue.

According to the latest updates, many relief camps have been opened for accommodating those people who have been evacuated from the affected regions.

At this moment, the situation is under complete control of the authorities. The central authorities, as well as the state authorities, are said to be monitoring the developments closely.


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