June 22, 2024
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Happy Banana Day!

As you celebrate World Banana Day. Apart from the yellowish and green. Let’s pick those rotten brown bananas which we might normally trash it off. There are few secrets rotten bananas hold.

Most of us love to eat the yellow stage of banana. When the banana is left unused, most of us trash it. However, on this day let’s understand that each stage of banana serves special qualities and they really do not go waste.

According to IFAD, the brown shade stage (skin) contain tryptophan. Which means, they are rich in nutrients and helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Maybe if one is unable to consume it directly, cooking banana bread or milkshake is a good choice.

Green shade banana (not so ripen) support to manage blood sugar level. Green bananas are normally low on the glycemic index, they are moderately digested and metabolised, hence cause a slower rise in blood glucose.

The older pale yellow banana which has brown dots on its skin surface. Have a factor of antioxidants and is one sweetest stage of bananas.

Now the most common yellow bananas, supplies of antioxidants; which preserve the human body system from disease. They are one good snack to be consumed.

So the next time, do not get confused to buy bananas. All stage of banana has greater value.

Happy Banana Day


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