May 29, 2024
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Hacker hacked sensitive data of renowned US-based bank holding company

Some sensitive details of a renowned US-based bank holding company have been hacked by a hacker. The hacker has been arrested immediately after the company has informed the concerned authorities about the hack, as the authorities have managed to secure the personal information about the hacker from the website in which the hacker has uploaded the hacked data for the purpose of selling the date. The hacker has been presented before the court. Unfortunately, the value of the shares of the company has reduced considerably due to the hack. It has come down almost four per cent.

A customer of the company was the one who first identified about the hack. The hack was identified when that customer came across the site which sells the hacked data. That customer was the one who notified the company about the hack.

The company should thank that person. That person is the one who has actually saved the company from a serious disaster.

The company may have to invest a huge sum to overcome the crisis. At this moment, it remains unclear how much it has to invest.

The big task before the company at present is not injecting investment. The actual task is regaining the trust of the customers of the company.

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