October 6, 2022
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“Grandchild Within A Year Or 5 Crores”: Why A Couple Is Suing Their Son

“All we wanted was a grandchild,” SR Prasad told an Uttarakhand court today. According to news agency ANI, he is suing his son and daughter-in-law, demanding either a grandchild “within a year” or compensation of Rs 5 crore. From Haridwar comes the strange case of a couple suing their son for a grandchild.

Mr Prasad claims he has no money left after paying for his son’s education and training in the United States.

We married them in 2016 so that we could have grandchildren. Mr Prasad was quoted by ANI as saying, “We didn’t care about gender; all we wanted was a grandchild.”

“I gave all of my money to my son and had him trained in America.” I’m currently cash-strapped. To construct our home, we obtained a bank loan. We’re having financial and personal difficulties. In our petition, we asked for 2.5 crore each from my son and daughter-in-law,” he said.In their petition against their son, the Prasads’ lawyer claims that the case reflects society. “We invest in our children, preparing them to work in reputable businesses. Parents owe their children basic financial support. The parents have asked for a grandchild within a year or a compensation of Rs. 5 crore “AK Srivastava, a lawyer said.

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