September 25, 2022
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Gangster Abu Salim convicted in 1993 Mumbai blast case

Infamous gangster Abu Salim, who once ruled the Mumbai city with his iron fist, has been convicted in the 1993 Mumbai blast case. There is no doubt in the fact the terrible terror attack of 1993 was one of the most disastrous terror attacks. It is said that nearly 257 people were brutally killed in the terror attack and around 713 others were injured. It is reported that on that dark day nearly twelve bombs exploded in different locations in the city. It is an unfortunate fact that it took nearly twenty-four years for the court to punish the culprits who perpetrated the crime. As per the report, apart from the gangster, the court has also convicted Mustafa Ahmed Umar Dossa, Firoz Abdul Rashid Khan, Taher Mohd, Karimullah Osan Khan and Riyaz Ahmed Siddiqui in the case. As per the report, the gangster has been sentenced to life imprisonment. Recently, one of the six, who has been convicted by the TADA court, Mustafa Ahmed Umar Dossa died of cardiac disease. According to the report, the prosecution has pleaded for maximum punishment for all the seven accused. Anyway, the court has acquitted one of the accused of all charges.


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