December 2, 2022

Food items to be avoided during Monsoon


Monsoon is here. It is definitely one of the most beautiful seasons we generally experience. Can anyone hate rain, cool breeze, rainbows and lightning and thunder? It is there in the nature for us to enjoy.

But, this article aims to remind you that there are some really important things you should know about this season. Though monsoon is a beautiful season, it is not as beautiful as what you think it is. It is potential enough to put your health into risk.

It is necessary that you should avoid some food items during this season in order to make sure you stay healthy and fit.

It is not advised to eat leafy vegetable in this season as these vegetable is highly vulnerable to germs during this season. It is suggested to avoid eating from road side shops, as long time exposure to monsoon winds can contaminate food items.

Monsoon is the breeding time of fishes. It is advised to avoid them from your dining table in this season.

Our digestive system functions in a less active manner in this season. It is better to avoid fried food and fizz drinks during this season as it may make the system even more slow.


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