June 24, 2024

Eyes that smile…- Namitha Pramod

'I was called Pennu Ghajini' – Namitha Pramod

Her confident poise reminds the Malayalees of Clara in Thoovanathumbikal, Sumalathatha -the evergreen beauty of Malayalam cinema.

 Namitha Pramod is the new down to earth beauty of cinema today. She was seen first as Riya in Traffic, but Sathyan Anthikad’s Puthiya Theerangal served as her launchpad. “As a child I always loved Sathyan uncle’s movies but had never thought that I would ever get a chance to act in his film”, she says.

 There are two things one notices about a person during their first interaction- she’s not a minor any more but you can actually feel the innocence in her voice and her bubbly character.

 Namitha played the village belle in Puthiya Theerangal and a smarty ad filmmaker in her latest, Villalli Veeran. Having done a handful of movies with entirely different characters, she redefines her own image in each.

1.      Let’s start with your latest, ‘Ormayundo Ee Mukham – A musical love story’!

It is a very feel good movie, all about love and music. OMG is a clean entertainer till the very end. I’m sure that every person who watches this film would have a smile on their face when they come out of the theatre. I have done a very different character in this. The script seemed very interesting to me when the debutant director, Anwar Sadik told me about my role. He is a very talented director who is very planned about each and everything in the script and never compromises on anything.

Jeethu Damodar cranked the camera and gave me a beautiful look in the movie. Shaan Rahman has given the perfect background score for the love story.

2.      How difficult was the role of Nithya in ‘Ormayundo Ee Mukham’?

It’s the most challenging role I have done till date. My character Nithya, a sand artist, suffers from short term memory loss and cannot remember anything more than 24 hours. I had to work hard on this and was called ‘Pennu Ghajini’ on the sets (laughs). In a nutshell, I would say it was a team effort which made OMG colourful and a success.

3.      You debuted with Traffic in 2011, then as the leading lady in Sathyan Anthikad’s  ‘Puthiya Theerangal’, wasn’t it a dream come true?

Sathyan Anthikad has been my favourite from the time I hardly even knew anything about cinema. His moves have always been good entertainers, family oriented and have always presented good songs to Malayalam cinema. So yes it was like a dream come true moment when I got a chance to act in his film and that too with such a good character. He is my Guru!

4.      In ‘PuthiyaTheerangal’ you resemble the yesteryears actress, Sumalatha!

Hehe …. Yes many of my friends have told me this and later even I noticed it when I saw the picture. It was Nedumudi Venu uncle who first gave me this compliment. I was really happy when my appearance was compared to an actress who is remembered even today for her acting skills and the elegance she carried.

5.      A new look in each movie… Your style statement!

Mmm… Keep on changing styles and try out everything new with time…

6.      Which film do you consider as a classic in Malayalam cinema?

Don’t you think I’m very young to comment on that!  Hmm… I have heard about Thoovanathumbikal, it wasn’t much noticed when it released but later became one of the greatest and unforgettable Malayalam films of all time. So yes, it should be Thoovanathumbikal!

7.      You have worked both in small screen as well, how different is it working for the big screen!

To be frank I don’t find much difference… I was quite young when I did Amme Devi, Ente Manasaputhri and Vellankani Maathaavu. It was like going to another school for acting. But I have learnt more after coming to cinema. Big screen was my dream, want to carve my own niche here!

8.      How is it like working with young crop of actors and senior actors like Dileep?

That’s a difficult question to answer! I don’t think I can distinguish between them. You get to learn so much from each one of them because I have acted with experienced actors. Its fun to be with each, be it Dileep Ettan, Chakochan, Nivin Pauly, Unni Mukundan, Dulqar, or Vineeth Sreenivasan. But I think the senior actors are more active, you can actually feel the positivity they spread and there is no generation gap when I’m with them.

9.      Your favourite co-star

(Without a second thought) Kunchako Boban!!! I love all his movies. Chakochan has been like a great friend with whom I can share anything. I was one year old when his Aniyathipraavu released and look today he has been my co-star too …

10.  Like which actress do you want to become and whose footsteps do you want to follow?

I like all the beautiful actresses of Indian cinema who are remembered even today for the grace they carried. To name a few like Shobhana, Kajol and Deepika Padukone have been inspirations! But I don’t want to become like anyone or follow anyone’s footsteps. I want to mark my name in cinema and want to be remembered as Namitha Pramod.

11.  How has stardom changed you?

I’m the same old Namitha Pramod. Like any other girl even I’m very simple, sensitive and transparent, I don’t think stardom has changed me in any way…

12.  Other interests

I’m a techie person, an avid reader and I love to do pencil sketches.

13.  What are your New Year plans?

For 2015, I have three untitled films lined up in Malayalam. New Year celebrations would be with family and 2015 would be welcomed with a smile and lots of expectations. Will work harder to achieve the goal of my life.

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