April 20, 2024
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Empty Pill Bottles Piling Up? Here Are 15 Great Ways to Reuse Them

Empty pill bottles can accumulate quickly, taking up space and contributing to unnecessary waste. However, before you toss them into the recycling bin, consider giving them a second life! These small containers have numerous practical uses beyond holding medication. In this article, we will explore 15 creative and eco-friendly ways to repurpose your empty pill bottles, giving them a new purpose and reducing their impact on the environment.

  1. Travel-sized toiletries: Transfer your favorite lotions, shampoos, or other personal care products into smaller pill bottles for travel convenience. These compact containers are perfect for storing just the right amount of product you need on the go.
  2. Portable first-aid kits: Fill pill bottles with band-aids, antiseptic wipes, or small amounts of ointments to create portable first-aid kits. Keep them in your bag, car, or backpack for emergencies.
  3. Jewelry organizer: Use pill bottles to store and organize your small earrings, rings, or other delicate jewelry pieces. You can even label them for easy identification.
  4. Coin holder: Pill bottles are excellent for storing loose change. Keep them in your car or use them as coin dispensers for parking meters or toll booths.
  5. Snack containers: Clean and dry pill bottles make great snack containers. Fill them with nuts, dried fruit, or other bite-sized snacks for an easy, on-the-go treat.
  6. Sewing kit: Create a mini sewing kit by placing needles, thread, buttons, and small scissors inside a pill bottle. It’s a handy solution for quick repairs and alterations.
  7. Emergency cash stash: Securely store some emergency cash in a sealed pill bottle, providing a waterproof and compact hiding place. Keep it in a safe spot for unforeseen situations.
  8. Spice or herb storage: Pill bottles can be used to store small amounts of spices or herbs. Label them accordingly, and you’ll have a neat and organized spice rack.
  9. Miniature vases: With a bit of creativity, empty pill bottles can be transformed into charming miniature vases. Decorate them with paint, ribbons, or other embellishments to add a personal touch.
  10. Earphone or charger holder: Keep your earphones or chargers tangle-free by wrapping them neatly and storing them in pill bottles. Say goodbye to messy cords!
  11. Craft supplies organizer: Sort and store small craft supplies like beads, buttons, or sequins in pill bottles. This way, you can easily find what you need for your next creative project.
  12. Portable spice kit for camping: When camping or picnicking, bring along your favorite spices in pill bottles. You’ll have the flavors you love on hand to enhance your outdoor meals.
  13. Seed storage: Empty pill bottles are perfect for storing small seeds. Label them with the seed type and date, keeping your gardening supplies organized.
  14. Miniature piggy bank: Transform a pill bottle into a miniature piggy bank by cutting a coin slot in the lid. It’s a fun way to save loose change and watch it accumulate.
  15. Gift containers: Decorate and personalize empty pill bottles to create unique gift containers. Fill them with candies, small trinkets, or thoughtful messages to surprise your loved ones.

Don’t let empty pill bottles go to waste! By repurposing them creatively, you can give them a new lease on life while reducing environmental impact. From travel-sized toiletries to gift containers, these versatile containers have a multitude of uses beyond their original purpose. So, get creative and start reusing your empty pill bottles today!


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