March 1, 2024
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Drugs Worth ₹ 50 Crore Seized From Clandestine Labs In Hyderabad

Two covert manufacturing labs in Hyderabad were where approximately 25 kilogramme of the stimulant substance mephedrone, worth nearly 50 crore rupees, was recovered, the Finance Ministry reported on Monday.
On December 21, 2022, DRI launched an investigation and discovered the two covert labs based on particular intelligence. Seven people who were engaged in manufacturing at these two places were detained and placed in judicial custody.

“Officials of the DRI seized 24.885 kg of Mephedrone in finished form, valued at ₹ 49.77 crore in the grey market, along with in-process materials, sale proceeds of ₹ 18.90 lakh, key raw materials, machinery and vehicles used for trafficking,” the ministry said.

According to the Ministry, the organiser and primary financier of this action was detained in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, as he tried to flee to Nepal with 60 lakh rupees in cash.

According to the ministry, some of the detained individuals are also charged in several other cases, including a 2016 DRI case involving the smuggling of 236 kg of ephedrine out of Indore, a 2022 DRI case involving the smuggling of 667 kg of mephedrone out of Yamuna Nagar, a case involving an escape from Indore prison, a murder case in Hyderabad, and robberies in Vadodar.

“Neutralising of the clandestine labs and apprehending of the entire drug syndicate has dealt a blow to their plans for committing nefarious activities in the wake of the new year and thereafter,” the Ministry said.

This is the second such factory raid that DRI has conducted this fiscal year. The first occurred in Yamuna Nagar, Haryana, in July–August 2022.

Approximately 990 kilogrammes of heroin, 88 kg of cocaine, 10,000 methamphetamine pills, 2,400 litres of phensedyl cough syrup, and many other dangerous NDPS narcotics were recovered between April and November 2022 by DRI officers.

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