October 3, 2022
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‘Dowry Acceptors’ will no longer have jobs in Aries Group, The company forms an ‘Anti-Dowry Cell’

Sharjah-based Aries Group stated that any employee who accepts or gives Dowry will have to leave the company and face legal actions.

The ‘Anti-Dowry Policy’ was announced on International Women’s Day three months ago and was formally incorporated into the employment contract yesterday. This was explained in a press release issued by Dr. Sohan Roy.

New entrants and the Employees renewing their existing employment contracts will have to sign the ‘Anti-Dowry Policy.’ An anti-dowry campaign will also be strengthened among all employees, including Indians, working in business branches across 16 countries. Though it is difficult to completely eradicate the cancerous dowry culture from our society, the authorities stated that they will do everything to eliminate it from the company. Dr. Roy said that it is for the first time in the world that an ‘Anti-Dowry Policy’ is being made part of an employment contract by an institution. And as an Indian institution, they are extremely proud of it.

In addition, Aries Management said in a press release that these are not new policies but a continuation of women’s empowerment programs, including providing salaries to unemployed housewives.

The details of this policy are as mentioned below.

1. Accepting or Giving Dowry is considered a crime in society. Aries Group shall implement a strict anti-dowry policy for all its staff with immediate effect. No employee who takes or gives Dowry in the future shall be allowed to serve Aries further.

2. All-female staff, spouses, and their parents shall be provided legal and moral support by Aries Group Management against it

3. Even though this policy is not being implemented retroactively, any kind of harassment of wives or their parents regarding it by our staff in the future shall be considered as a violation subject to termination of service and legal measures.

4. All employees should sign the Aries Anti-Dowry Policy during contract signing or renewal.

5. All Employees should attend Anti-Dowry Awareness sessions

6. An Anti-dowry cell shall be constituted with Female staff or staff spouse in the majority. The cell shall evaluate to take collective decisions with available members on dowry-related complaints of Aries Staff/spouse within 24 hrs of reporting if it is not under the court’s consideration. If the cell finds the matter as complicated, the matter shall be left for legal proceedings.

7. Any past acts committed shall be considered as a matter of character deficiency. Proper counseling shall be given to those who regret their past actions leading to family issues

8. It’s the moral responsibility of the staff to clear the financial liabilities of parents due to Dowry while they are struggling if the staff was a beneficiary.

9. Aries Group commits to take part in the Anti-Dowry drive in all possible ways to eradicate it from society. The Group sets 2023 as the deadline to complete the Anti dowry campaign targets within the Group.

10. An Annual Anti-dowry Ambassador Award shall be instituted and given to the best campaigner who carries out creative and effective activities to popularise this drive within and outside the Group.

Pic Courtesy: Aries Group


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