July 5, 2020
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Delete the dots: 7 effective steps to reduce pimples


It is perfectly natural to wake up one with these round shaped elevations on your face. During puberty, the hormonal changes in your body lead to several drastic changes and development of pimples is one them. To those who are skeptic about their facial beauty, pimples can be a big drawback. For many, pimples form in abundance and it can be quite exasperating unless you are a fan of Malar. But this growth rate can be reduced and to an extent avoided. Here are ten effective steps that will help you;


Ice cubes

This is a very simple process and it requires a couple of minutes of your time. Put two ice cubes inside a clean cotton cloth. Press this against the pimples for a minute and then repeat the process a couple of times. Do this every day and the pimples will go.


Steam bath

Just like you do when you get the flu, get a warm steam bath by exposing before the steam for a couple of minutes. Do this twice a day and it help in opening the pores and the sweating will clean the face of dirt and oil. And, it will also kill all the pathogens present on your face.



Take lemon syrup and apply uniformly on your face. Vitamin C in lemon is healthy for the skin and it will help in drying the pimples quickly. Apply this before going to bed and wash your face well before waking up. Ensure that you use fresh lemon and not bottles juice as the latter contains preservatives and other added contents.



Bring some sweetness as well as saltiness into the equation. Mix honey with a pinch of salt and apply it on your face. Wash it with warm water after 15 minutes.


Papaya pulp

Take fresh ripe papaya and paste it before applying it. Leave it for about 20 minutes and rinse your face lightly with water if it dries quickly. Wash your face in warm water and use a face wash instead of soap to avoid alkalinity. Papaya’s anti-oxidant contents will help in extinguishing the problems.


Egg white 

If you like eggs then you will love this technique. Take egg white and apply it uniformly and ensure that you don’t touch your eyebrows or eye region. Wash it after 15 minutes to know the result.


Cucumber Juice

Cut the cucumber into the slices and put it in drinking water for one hour. Water soluble nutrients and vitamins will get transferred into the water. Remove the cucumber and drink this. Do this five times a day to bring in the necessary components to duel with pimple inducing agents.


These techniques will surely help you maintain your facial appearance. Excelsior!




Elizabath Chacko

MD – Kalpana’s International



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