September 18, 2021

Bihar’s pass percentage plummets drastically

A year after the corrupted education system tainted the image of Bihar the state’s pass percentage has plummeted drastically, giving a nightmare to thousands of students who appeared for the Bihar State Education Board this year.


When the Bihar State Education Board has released the result of the students, who wrote their ‘twelfth standard examination’ this year, only 34.25 per cent of them has cleared the examination. An overwhelming majority of 64 per cent students has pathetically failed in the examination conducted by the state government, forcing the Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, to relook the educational policy of his state.

Immediately after the declaration of the result, the state has witnessed numerous protest marches.

The protests organised by the student organisations functioning in the state have turned violent, paving the way to the violent confrontation between the students and police.

Last year, some massive corruptions and malpractices were reported in the state and numerous students and officials were booked under several malpractice and corruption charges.


After that incident, the government has managed to close the loopholes and corruption channels in the education board.

It is analysed that the strict evaluation and examination system implemented by the government have paved the way for the reduction of pass percentage.

Shockingly, some students who have passed even the IIT-JEE examination has also failed to clear the BSEB class 12 examination.

It is said that the Bihar CM has convened a meeting with the top officials of the board and the state education minister, Ashok Choudhary, in an effort to correctly evaluate the situation and find a solution to the issue at the earliest.




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