May 26, 2024
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As new violence erupts in Manipur, 9 people are killed in late-night shootings.

Nine people, including a lady, have been slain in Manipur in the last 24 hours when new violence erupted. According to army authorities, the killings occurred after a late-night shooting incident in the Khamenlok region.

Several injured people were airlifted to Imphal for treatment. According to the reports, several of those slain in the incident had slash marks on their bodies as well as multiple gunshot wounds.

The event is a significant setback in efforts to restore calm in the state, which has been tense for more than a month owing to ethnic confrontations between the Meitei and Kuki populations. Following yesterday night’s event, the curfew has been tightened.

The event occurred at the border of Kangpokpi and Imphal East districts in Khamenlok. For the previous few days, the area has been tense. Images from the ground revealed abandoned streets.

The ethnic confrontations have killed around 100 deaths, wounded many more, and displaced others.

The rioting erupted as tribal organisations marched in opposition of an attempt to award Scheduled Tribes recognition to the dominant Meities. 

Currently, 11 of Manipur’s 16 districts are under curfew. To prevent speculations from fueling violence, the internet has been stopped across the state. 

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