July 15, 2024
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Around 25% people in Kochi suffer some kind of depression: DMHP


In the recent past, the issue of mental health has surprisingly reached our discussion table, breaking the barriers of taboos traditionally attached to it.

The depression is one of the serious mental problems exists in our society. Very often, those who suffer from this disease ignore it and show reluctance to treat it.

There is no doubt in the fact that the mental disease is the kind of disease which demands the assistance of medical treatment in the initial stage of the disease itself.

It is learned that the people living in the metro cities, like Kochi, are more vulnerable to the mental state of depression.

A shocking report released by the District Mental Health Programme says that one in four people living in Kochi suffers some kind of mental depression.

The report has been prepared with the help of the data collected by the District Mental Health Programme clinics.

The unfortunate fact is that the country’s mental health management infrastructure is very primitive.

Experts say that the authorities should invest more funds in this sector in order to strengthen the mental health infrastructure.


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