August 14, 2022
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After demonetisation, govt aims to crush benami properties

 Pledging to carry forward the BJP government’s war against corruption and black money, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that his government would introduce an effective law to crush the benami properties. He told the public that some crooked people are trying to derail the war against corruption. Meanwhile, he thanked the people for their support that they gave to the government’s anti-corruption war. PM Modi was speaking in the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program, which was aimed to strengthen the interactive channel between the ruling class and common public who elected them. While the opposition parties were criticising the central government for constantly changing the policies related to demonetisation, the Prime Minister, who led the central government, in his renowned radio interaction program, defended the frequent policy changes in the rules and regulations of demonetisation, saying the government made some changes to the policies to reduce the people’s sufferings and crush the anti-social forces who were constantly trying to derail the ‘war against corruption’. Notably, he announced that it was only the beginning. Emphasising the President’s comment and criticising the logjam fuelled by the opposition parties, he claimed that he expected productive deliberation over the issue inside the parliament. It seems that the central government is not ready to step back from their historical decision. It has recently introduced several schemes like lucky draw schemes for both merchants and customers to strengthen the digital India concepts. However, yet the respected authorities have not effectively addressed a question raised by the intellectuals and economists: whether the implementers of the historical plan failed to do their job properly.


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