June 14, 2024

A journey to the Island of healing, Curacao

Westpunt is the westernmost point of the Island of Curacao. It is one of the best scuba diving spots situated in the country. There are several beautiful beaches in this region. Christoffelpark, Grote Knip public beach and Playa Kalki (which is popularly known as “Alice in Wonderland”) are the prime attractions in this part of the country.

Sint Willibrordus is a tiny town located close to the western coast of the country. It is famous for its divine ambiance. There are several religious centres in this town. Playa Cas Abao, Playa Porto Marie and Daaibooi are the prime attractions of this region.

Sint Michiel is a tiny fishing village located near the country’s capital city. It is where the ruins of the Dutch West Indian Company forts are situated. Blue Bay beach, Kokomo beach and Parasasa beach are the prime attractions of this region.

The country is not a good destination for shopping and food expeditions. Most of the Curacao’ dishes are a fine blend of South American, European (particularly Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch), and Caribbean tastes.

Plan a trip to this beautiful Island country. May your soul get healed with the help of the magical power of this mysterious land, which gifted a new life to those ‘Old Portuguese Sailors’ who were left to die in this soil.




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