September 17, 2019
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Veteran Congress leader Tom Vadakkan switches his loyalty to BJP

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Veteran Congress leader Tom Vadakkan, who was considered as the close aid of former Congress President Sonia Gandhi, who was regarded as the member of the inner circle of the Congress party, and who handled several powerful positions, including spokesperson, for the Grand Old Party, has switched his loyalty to the Saffron Party –the BJP.

The continuous flow of loyalists from the Congress to the BJP gives serious headache to the Grand Old Party, which is at the edge of a sustainability crisis –if the Congress fails to show any sign of improvement in the upcoming General Election, it will be deemed unfit even to be called as the prime opposition of the country, as already many opposition parties, especially the TMC, have indirectly questioned the merit of the Congress to be projected as the prime opposition party of the country and boasted that in the upcoming election they would gain much more than what the Congress secured in the previous General Election and what they are going to wrist in the upcoming General Election.

The BJP is likely to field Mr Vadakkan either in Ernakulam or in Idukki constituency –in these two constituencies, the BJP has not yet finalised their candidates due to the unavailability of competent representatives in that part of Kerala. The caste and religious equations of both these constituencies are favourable for the candidature of Mr Vadakkan. At this moment, it remains unclear whether the development can make any huge impact in the Kerala unit of the Congress. Even though Mr Vadakkan is a not a familiar figure for the Kerala electorate, he is very close to several senior Congress leaders based in Kerala and those religious and caste factions powerful enough to influence the outcome of many constituencies in the state, including Idukki and Ernakulam.

What is in the Saffron Party that helps to keep the flow from the Congress to the BJP continuous? 


Vignesh. S. G

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