July 21, 2019
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Get rid of sugar addiction easily

sugar Are you obsessed with sugar?
Desserts and sweets are something we all fall for; nothing but a sinful addiction. Here are some simple methods to get rid of sugar addiction effortlessly. However, the first choices are always starting within; certain tricks aid to overcome the addition.

1. Frequent consumption of water is a smart way to deal with the carve for sweets.

2. Sugar is equally important to our body. Regular use of Stevia control the calorie count and keeps the sugar level controlled. Adding fermented food item in the meal aids in as a unique flavour. In fact, it’s an ancient Chinese medicine theory.

3. Consumption of greens helps to boost energy and reduce craving for sugar. It is loaded with nutrients and other loaded supplements. And also a big no to processed food that holds artificial sugar content.

4. To a limitation, happiness is counted on the basis of Serotonin hormone in the body. So essentially to raise the level of this hormone, sufficient sleep, an involvement of physical activities such as sports games, regular meditation and jogging enhances the level of serotonin and control the carve for sweets.

sea food5. When a sugar product is consumed, the mineral content in the body exhausts quickly. Adding mineral-rich sea vegetables to the daily diet or alternative enhance the nutrients in the body and also ward off from sweet carvings.



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