July 17, 2024
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What is Beauty?

Today as I watched a music video from one of the upcoming movies, the first thing that caught my attention was how beautifully unique the actress was. I of course commented on this, and I got the response that the actress is probably the ugliest girl ever. I even wanted a second opinion and I received the same reaction, that she was not that pretty. So why did I think that she was pretty? There was something unique about her facial features. Define beauty in your own head without even looking at a dictionary. Think of what beauty means to you, I am sure a certain type of person’s face may come to mind. We all have our definition of beauty or maybe our definition of beauty is molded by the norm of what society views beauty to be. So why was this actress so unattractive? It may have been the fact that her face was not so high cheek boned as the other actress, her facial features were not as prominent or whatever the reason maybe, there no is reason for anyone to point out and say that another person is the ugliest person they have ever seen.

Many individuals in society today have learned to become insecure rather than confident. And if it turns out to be that they are insecure about their appearance, their sense of aggravation lashes out in a negative way. At times if the individual is very beautiful and receives several comments, they can at times turn out to be very arrogant. But this is not always true in every case. Because there are many who are not defined to be beautiful, but their character is just something which makes you love them all the more. And those that are defined to be beautiful may turn out to be the most humble of people you will come across.

There are many young, old, and middle aged who fuss over their beauty. When you are young, you try to act as if you were older. Young girls try to dress as if they are much older, and young men try to build their body so that they are more buff and stronger looking. Then when you are actually older, you try to look younger, both men and women. Then when you reach the stage of middle ages, you have this middle aged crisis. You have everything, yet you still look in the mirror and you do things to make you feel and look younger. Have you ever stopped to think the ridiculousness of it all? This is the definition of beauty which society and media has imprinted onto our minds.

Take this as a short and sweet letter to those, young, old, and those who fall in between. I’ll start with those young girl and boys. Those of you that are young, you need to realize that this is the time to enjoy everything in your life. You are free of worries, and trying to be older, and look older is not your first priority. Your childish self is beautiful enough even if your peers may tease you and say otherwise. This is your growing stage to becoming beautiful. It’s time to have fun, rather than to worry about whether you are fairer than the girl sitting next to you, or whether you’re stronger than the boy next to you. Learn to appreciate yourself and build your sense of character because it is who you are on the inside that will always matter.

To those mother’s and father’s, looking at those gray hairs in the mirror must leave you flabbergasted and making you wish to just dip it into a bowl of dye. Do you realize that there is a beauty behind being a mother and a father? The gray hairs make you beautiful and there is an unexplainable sense of beauty that comes with seeing a mother or a father walk confidently. This isn’t of course to just mother’s and father’s but to those are in the middle age stage of their life. Age is just a number, and those fine lines see it as beauty lines. Those 50 and 60 something year olds which you see on television that look like they are in their late 20’s have done a lot of plastic surgery and are wearing a ton load of make up to look the way they do. So consider yourself lucky to be naturally beautiful. And to those that have aged so much that the fine lines are more than noticeable. You are the most beautiful. Whenever I see an elderly person I look at their facial expressions very carefully because their eyes tell a story. No one sees beauty so easily because many are blinded by the media’s and society’s definition of beauty. Beauty is the small features that appear in an individual’s expression which goes unnoticed by the careless of eyes. You can never define beauty.

Denisha Sahadevan


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