April 24, 2024
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Aayusha Pyakurel’s Journey to Miss Glam World 2023 1st Runner-Up

Aayusha Pyakurel, the stunning Miss Glam World 2023 first runner-up from Nepal, became an inspiring role model after embarking on a journey that crossed international boundaries and won hearts everywhere. Aayusha’s incredible achievement, which she carried out while proudly and gracefully representing her nation, earned Nepal tremendous fame and had a profound effect Continue Reading
Beauty Beauty Pageant Featured Inspiration

Zomkey Tenzin: A Journey of Triumph to Miss Glam World 2023

Zomkey Tenzin, the crowned winner of Miss Glam World 2023, has captured the hearts of people around the globe with her remarkable journey and inspiring achievements. Born as a refugee, Tenzin found solace and opportunity in Belgium, which she deeply appreciates. Her victory in the esteemed beauty pageant represents not only her personal triumph but […]Continue Reading