September 26, 2023
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‘Political Drama’: MLA missing in Karnataka

In a dramatic development, in Karnataka, a senior Congress leader has alleged that one of his colleagues has been kidnapped just before the commencement of the state assembly session.

The Congress leader, who has raised the allegation, has written a letter to the speaker on this regard.

The speaker, in the house, has confirmed that he has received the letter. He has also acknowledged that he has been informed by the missing MLA in the form of a letter about the reason of his absence. As per the letter that the speaker has received, the missing MLA has been hospitalised in Mumbai due to some health issues.

Another Congress leader, in the house, has alleged that he met him last day and there were no sign of any kind of serious disease in him.

The leader has also added that the missing MLA was with other Congress MLAs in Karnataka last day.

The BJP, it seems, views the latest developments as an attempt to delay the non-confidence motion proceedings.

Early Today, when the motion has been introduced, the BJP chief has demanded the completion of the proceedings Today itself.

Then, the ruling members have taken a firm stand that a thorough discussion should be done in the matter as several allegations have been raised against the coalition by the rebel MLAs.

Now, all eyes are on speaker K R Ramesh Kumar.

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