October 6, 2022

Natural ways to make your nails shiny and healthy

Nails often define the beauty of people. It is a delicate part of human body. It is important to give good care to this part of body. The reality is that people often forget the actual relevance of this part.

Experts say that all major textbooks dealing with beauty and health highlight the significance of nails. They add that in some of those textbooks it is advised that nails should be given more importance than any other part of human body.

There are several natural methods available to improve the beauty and health of nails.

Olive Oil

It is a proven fact that olive oil has many medicinal properties. A beauty expert says that it can be used to improve the beauty and health of nails.

Take a glass of warm water. Pour few drops of olive oil into it and mix them well. Dip your nails in that mixture. After few minutes, take out your nails and carefully polish your nails gently with a cotton cloth socked in olive oil. Perform it daily for better result.

Rose Water

Nails are normally pink in colour. Women use nail polish to enhance its attractiveness. The natural colour of nails sometimes fades due to various reasons. Women can hide that with nail polish. But, men cannot as they do not normally use it.

It is identified that rose water can retain the natural colour of nails. Actually, it is good news for men who are worried about their fading nail colour.

Take a few spoons of rose water and pour a drop of lemon juice into it. Dip a clear cotton cloth into the mixture. Wipe your nails gently with the cotton. Do it at least three days a week for better result.

Lemon Juice

It is a rich source of various minerals and vitamins. It is a natural bleaching agent. It not only enhances the beauty of nails but also removes dirt and stains.

Take a glass of water, pour few drops of lime juice into it, and mix them well. Dip your nails into that mixture. Keep it there for few minutes. Later, remove your hands, and carefully and gently clean it with a tooth brush. Do it at least once a week, if you want to get a good result.


It is a mineral rich vegetable. It is commonly known as beauty vegetable. It is widely used to remove black marks form around eyes. A new study identifies that it can also be used to improve the beauty of nails.

Take a slice of cucumber. Rub it over your nail slowly. You can do it anything and everything you come across this vegetable. The more you do, the better your nail will become.


It can be used in two ways. First, you should make sure that you drink adequate amount of water each and every day. Second, you should make sure that you clean your nails carefully with clean water regularly.

The aforesaid tips alone cannot help you gain beautiful nails. It is necessary to give adequate care to your daily diet. Include hydrochloric acid rich food and vitamin E rich food in your daily diet for better result.

Stay Healthy!

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