September 25, 2022

Indrans Known for his simplicity again steals the hearts of audience

After achieving various awards, the Kerala State film Award for best actor and also receiving international mention at the Shangai film festival, Indrans has again stolen the hearts of the audience with his simplicity.

As the actor’s next movie ‘Muhabbathin Kunjabdulla’ is all set to release, was seen attending the trailer release of the movie. During the trailer launch Indrans literally sat down on the floor of the stage for the audience to view the trailer.The audience was surprised to see a State award-winning actor sitting down on the floor to watch the movie trailer.

Even after winning so many awards and recognition, Indrans stays as simple as always. Earlier Indrans was known for his slapstick comedies, but now the actor is known for his performance. ‘Aalorukam’, ‘Veyil Marangal’ etc are the movies of Indrans that changed the whole perspective of the audience and movie lovers had for the actor.

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