May 27, 2022
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HRDS The Divine Touch of Almighty.

India is ambitiously marching towards the target of five trillion dollar economy. It may
reach there in the near future. The country cannot turn its back towards the privileged
class. The attitude is evident in the latest budget. The restructured income tax
framework is a perfect example. Sadly, the plight of the underprivileged is often given
less attention. The tribal community of the country is the most underprivileged of the
When the progress attained by the tribal community is analysed closely, the important
question that emerges is: how much progress does the community has made since the
independence of the country.

Needless to emphasise, the aforesaid community is the only community which has been
left out completely from the march of the country from an underdeveloped country to a
developing country.
Now, what the country attempts to attain is a developed status – a position among the
superpowers such as the US, Russia, Germany and China.
Unfortunately, this time also, the tribal community stands nowhere near its priority list,
though the country boasts of its ambitious tribal betterment policies.

This scenario increases the necessity of socially committed NGOs. Their existence
serves to reduce the unjust gap.
In this edition, one such NGO is introduced.

The HRDS INDIA is a Non-Governmental Organisation based in the Indian state of
Kerala. Since its inception in the year 1997, it has launched several programs to
alleviate the plight of the underprivileged population – especially the tribal

Sadhgraha, the housing scheme launched for the tribal community by the HRDS INDIA,
is one such program. It aims to find a permanent solution to the biggest question the
community confronts at this juncture – that is, the question of shelter. The organisation
targets to complete at least one million houses this decade.
Apart from the aforesaid programs, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya
Yojana, Karshaka, Niramaya, Jwalamukhi and Silk Village are the other important
programs launched by the NGO.

DDU-GKY is an exceptional skill development program intentioned to make the youth
population from the socially backward society – especially those aged between 15 and
35 – independent.
Karshaka is another income generation program. It explores the potential of the tribal
land to become the backbone of the medicinal plant cultivation sector of the country.
The organisation does not limit its potential in the area of social services alone. It does
venture into other possibilities too. With Niramaya, it explores its research potential.
Under the program, the organisation conducts research in the area of traditional Indian
Jwalamukhi is another ambitious program conceptualised by the NGO. Its main force
area is the empowerment of women. Under the scheme, the steps necessary to turn the
deprived women financially independent through the formation of Self Help Groups are
The potential of sericulture is enormous. Silk Village is a project aimed to use this
potential for the betterment of the tribal population of the country. The employment
generation potential of this sector is enormous. The program, like several other
programs initiated by the NGO, targets to bring a radical change in the standard of living
of the tribal community.

The noble force that takes these divine missions forward is the hard work and
commitment of three visionaries: Atma Nambi, the spiritual leader who guides
this extra-ordinary organisation, former Union Minister Dr. S Krishnakumar IAS
(Retd), the proven leader who presides over the organisation, and Aji Krishnan,
the committed social worker who is the Founder-Secretary of HRDS INDIA.

These persons truly deserve serious appreciation. The force they exert to run these
divine missions is akin to the energy force that the almighty exerts to do good to the
There is a saying that the almighty cannot come down to do good to his people, but he
can send someone to get the job done for him.
The aforesaid saying is the first thing that comes to mind when the admirable story of
the HRDS INDIA is discussed.
In a different sense, what the NGO exposes is the existence of the wide gap between
what the government provides to its citizens and what its citizens actually want from
their government. The best part is: not only does it expose the gap, but also it shows
what can be done to reduce that gap.

The NGOs like HRDS INDIA are an asset to the nation. Their existence is a reminder
that the quality of empathy has not yet diminished completely from this society.
The personalities like Mr. Krishnan are a true inspiration to the youngsters of the
country. What they show is a different possibility – how useful a life can be if it is used in
a right manner.
For HRDS INDIA, it is just the beginning. They know clearly that they have several miles
to go. They have no intention to limit its potential inside the boundaries of the country.
They have already launched its plan to go global. Africa is their initial destination.
This organisation has the potential to emerge as a reputed International Non-
Governmental Organisation. In this era of civil societies, the NGOs like HRDS INDIA are
of great importance.
Shrinking states and expanding civil societies are the reality of this generation. HRDS
INDIA stays close to this reality.
As the concept of realism gains momentum, the strengthening of civil society becomes
the necessity of the time.

In that sense, it is the duty of the society to make sure that the socially committed
organisation of HRDS INDIA with several noble missions continues its journey.



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