July 17, 2024

Economic survey exposes ‘unfair medical businesses’

Medical expenses and treatment security, like medical insurance, are consuming a large chunk of our daily earnings. It had become an unfair reality in the middle class and lower class families. As we all know, we cannot escape from this injustice until we are capable enough to build up a fair ‘public medical sector’. An Economic Survey report presented in the parliament reveals that the privet medical sector of our country is ruthlessly exploiting our people. A survey conducted by National Sample Survey Organisation found that the average treatment expense in the privet hospitals is at least four times higher than that of the public sector hospitals in our country. Despite medical authority’s continuous effort to widen the medical sector, the country has not successfully revived from the accessibility crisis. It implies that we are still incapable to deliver an accountable and affordable medical care to preponderance of our ailing population. We have to allocate reasonable amount from our budget for improving our medical sector. Even if we had run beyond the peak point, we are not too late yet. The survey identifies that the urban medical expenditure is relatively higher than the rural medical expenditure. As per the survey report, a satisfactory hike in the medical insurance ratio has been clearly witnessed in both urban and rural regions. It seems that the scarcity of proper resources and limited funds is contributing numerous hindrances before the Indian medical sector.  To meet the growing challenges, the government had recently initiated free drug project for the marginalised and poor population. Through the project, the authorities are aiming to address affordability crisis.


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