November 30, 2023

A versatile entrepreneur: Sajan Varghese

Sajan Varghese

Some entrepreneurs are valiant warriors, someone who rises up from the ashes – someone who fights heroically with the challenges life throws at them. When stones are thrown at them, they use it to take the next big leap. In this edition of our magazine, we introduce the very versatile entrepreneur, someone who is audaciously genuine at heart, Sajan Varghese. Mr. Varghese is an entrepreneur who concentrates on the hospitality sector, owning beautiful resorts across the state. His words transpire energy, passion, wisdom of experience and determination to succeed in life and at the business he is into. He is backed by his talented wife Mrs. Mini Sajan, who says ‘my husband is the only person who inspires and surprises me always’.

Mr. Sajan Varghese grew up his happy childhood at Kottayam and further pursued his studies at CMS college and then at Baselious. He fondly remembers that he wanted to attract others into his charm, which led him to focus more on friendship than studies. He could not pursue his dreams of becoming a doctor. He confidently remembers his plight as a young man as someone who had big dreams than the lot around him. He preferred to independently do business, than to choose a then common company job. Mr. Varghese used to be creatively inclined and one of the prestigious first tasks made him design the first jewellery of Josco at Kerala. As an entrepreneur who is committed to his work, he didn’t bother about the expenses, but wanted to give the best to his clients. This unfortunately resulted in failure, the experience which he converted as bricks to success that he yearned to build up. After stepping into the finance sector and then into the entertainment sector (particularly, the cinema industry), he bagged huge glimpses of success. He produced scores of brilliant movies, and quite a few blockbusters including Mammootty’s Avanazhi. He is the proud founder president of Kerala Distributor’s Association; he initiated this as a first time in the state. He was also the founder president of Kerala Film Producer’s Association. He also performed the President’s role at Kerala Film Chamber in the 90’s. The jealousy politics of cunning people around played villain again, when life hit him one more time and had to close down his chit company, which gathered much debt on him. However, a couple of years, through sheer hard work and determination, he bounced back with might to a financial balance. He states that failure, definitely, is the stepping stone to success. In 1991, he entered the airline catering business successfully. In 1993, he could start the second unit in Chennai, then in Calicut, Cochin, Bangalore and then Delhi, and the successful saga continued to grow. In 2004, he was announced the second best flight caterers internationally. This catalyzed business through the recognition in the International market. By 2006, airlines started low cost carriers. Many airlines like AirSahara, Paramount, EastWest etc went bankrupt. This made his diversify into other profitable business and thus he decided to enter hospitality industry. By 2010, he exited from catering business and profitably sold out the flight catering business he had grown.

He acquired Luciya hotel at Trivandrum. Lands were bought at Wagamon, Thekkady, Munnar, Marari and other exotic places in God’s Own Country, on an intention to build beautiful resorts that will cater to the international tourists and locals. Sajan disappointedly mentions, however, that the government of Kerala is not that supportive to entrepreneurs who genuinely want to positively contribute to the state. Unjustifiable encroachments and unwarned actions like stopping of bars again made a bad hit on the progressive growth. He wished the government gave more encouragement to investors in the market. Dirty politics is not doing justice. People nowadays travel across the globe, spend lakhs just to enjoy their life. He hopefully wishes that our state being this beautiful, the government did something to enhance tourism in an effective way. The government should focus to make people spend money in our own striking locales. Social media promotions should be targeted and controlled in a way that the whole world looks at the state only in a good way, whether it be on flood, Sabarimala issue, or Nipa virus issue. The government should “create” opportunities to investing entrepreneurs, rather than have a social narrow mindedness and leashing unwanted restrictions. They should devise specific plans for the growing entrepreneurs in the system. He says India gives superior customer support in the world – thankful to the ample manpower we have around, who can serve the tourists and client. However, the intense heritage sites across India is not really exploited well enough. The authorities should come ahead to identify these brilliant prospect and generate revenue for their states and country. Plans should be devised for each of these gorgeous, as well as  ancient, locations.

He encourages the youth to dream high. He smilingly says you should dream a Mercedes, then only you can end up with a Maruti. Ambition is the key to growth. Any big company you see around was a start-up once. Think Big. Grabbing opportunities is Business. Being prepared to pounce upon the opportunity is prudence. Mr. Varghese is positive in diversifying again if he sees anything promising. You don’t really have to stick onto only one business all your life, but you should be far-sighted according to what the market demands. All needs are seasonal, we should adapt to the requirement. Be your own model, and develop your own ideas. You need to be different to create your own identity.

He owns one of the most beautiful resorts in Kerala called Saj earth Resorts. The most exciting as well as the most challenging part of his business is Customer Delight. At Saj, every customer is made felt that he is the most important person there. Saj Earth Resorts is undoubtedly the best destination in Kerala, and the proximity to airport makes it even more attractive. They have the biggest pool in the state, which has a heavenly blue shade to it. He handles his staff with a promising rapport, even though he realizes that this age employees show less commitment to work than before. He caringly believes that we live in a social community, and does a lot of CSR activities to help people uplift themselves. He also advices we should not simply keep helping people unreasonably, but should handhold people to stand on their own. Unique Times wishes him all prosperity ahead!


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