Published On: Sun, Oct 12th, 2014

Passenger Charged With Causing a Fuss over Reclining Seat on Flight

Passengers on an aeroplane

Do you know the feeling when the passenger sitting in front of you on your flight reclines their seat so much to the back, you feel a sense of claustrophobia? Well a Haitian man Edmond Alexandre, 60 became so angry when a woman passenger sitting in the seat in front of him reclined the seat so as to completely invade his space on a flight which was bound from Miami to Paris.

U.S. prosecutors stated that Edmond Alexandre has been charged in federal court with assaulting a flight attendant. According to officials he argued with the other passenger, grabbed a flight attendant by the arm and then was restrained and arrested by federal air marshals aboard the plane. The incident caused the American Airlines flight to be diverted to Boston.

Alexandre, who lives in Paris, could be sentenced to as much as 20 years in prison if convicted of one count of interference and attempted interference with a flight crew, though prosecutors noted that it is rare for such a severe sentence to be imposed.



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Passenger Charged With Causing a Fuss over Reclining Seat on Flight