Published On: Wed, Oct 18th, 2017

Cocos Islands: Nature and Water Lover’s Paradise

The fun activities organised by the tourism department are classified under two categories: the water activities and the land-based activities. Fishing, snorkelling, kitesurfing, surfing and kayaking come under the water activities, while golf and birdwatchers are the prime land-based activities.

The best plan to experience this island is to explore the land with no plans and expectations. Each and every destination is special. The travellers can either join any tour group or explore the land themselves. Each of them provides a different experience to the travellers.

Nowadays, the island becomes a popular wedding location because those who choose this island to do the sacred ceremony find this place more romantic.

There are neither big cities nor shopping centres, but there are some beautiful restaurants and cafe here. The travellers can either taste Malaya cuisine or prefer Western cuisine. It is advised to taste the Malaya cuisine. The indigenous cuisine contains noodles, rice, chicken, beef, lamb and seafood.

The island is popular for its festivals and celebrations. The local people are friendly and love to mingle with the visitors.

The tourism department and local and International tour operators organise many magnificent events and festivals all around the year. There are traditional celebrations such as the New Year, Christmas and Easter and fun events such as the annual Lagoon swim, in which the participants swim across the lagoon from Home Island to West Island, Music and Wine festival, quiz nights and Cocos Olympics.




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Cocos Islands: Nature and Water Lover’s Paradise