February 23, 2020

A decade in fashion industry: Interview with Sameer Khan


Sameer Khan is a well known fashion choreographer, model and contestant trainer. Every beauty queen in major events that took place in the last 10 years are trained by Mr Sameer Khan. He is the CEO of Elite Models Flatt, founded in 2004 and the establishment remains unbeaten. He choreographed major events like Miss South India, Miss Queen of India, he trained contestants and modelled in IFF and he played a major role in adding sparks of confidence in the minds of young participants in Miss Asia contest, 2015. He had been doing the process of training and grooming of models for the past ten years. Sameer Khan talks about his work and shares the experiences he had in his 10 year long career.

1 Q. Tell us about your career as a choreographer. Why did you choose this profession?

A : Well, it’s been 12 years since I joined the fashion industry as a choreographer. It is an amazing experience. There had been many ups and downs in my career. I chose this profession because I was interested in fashion. However, I never expected that I will be a choreographer. I was a model, then I did a grooming course in Mumbai and eventually I became a choreographer, and I am very happy being one.

2 Q: Most events that you have worked in are by Pegasus event makers. How much have they influence or helped in your career?
A: Yes, I joined Pegasus event makers team in the year 2008. After that I have been a part of all of their major events and shows. Now Pegasus team is like my family. Mr Ajit Ravi, director of Pegasus,  is like my brother. We bonded well and we have a good understanding. He believes in my work and abilities. Of course, it helped me a lot in my career in this industry.


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