April 7, 2020
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Kejriwal’s struggle for existence leaves his supporters perplexed

A couple of years before, a civil-society-turned-political-party emerged in the turbulent political hemisphere of Delhi, the national capital of India. It left almost all mainstream political organisations stunned, when it wristed the power in Delhi. Now, the AAP is no longer the same fearless party that dared to take on all its opponents singlehandedly. Over […]Continue Reading
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Great Farmer Rally: Protesters demand special parliament session to discuss agrarian crisis

Indian farmers are not happy with the way the things develop around the Indian agrarian sector. Day by day, their miseries are increasing. Most the assurances made by the political parties still remain unimplemented. Farmers now have only one option either fight or fail. The latest developments indicate that they are not willing to choose […]Continue Reading
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Ajay Maken resigns from Delhi Congress President Post

Triggering a feeling to speculation among the politicians of the small state of Delhi, renowned congress politician Ajay Maken has filed his resignation from the Delhi Congress President Post, to which the congress leader was appointed at the behest of Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Those close to the Congress party in the National Capital have […]Continue Reading