June 24, 2024
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Man-Jung Kao from Taiwan crowned as SAJ DQUE Watches Miss Glam World 2024

SAJ DQUE Watches proudly announces Man-Jung Kao from Taiwan as the winner of the Miss Glam World 2024 title, with Lara Vitoria Gama from Brazil as the first runner-up and Debasmita from India as the second runner-up. The fifth edition of Miss Glam World took place on June 9th at Le Meridien, Kochi. Renowned for their mastery in event production, Pegasus Global Pvt Ltd orchestrated an extraordinary and unforgettable event. With their steadfast dedication to excellence, Pegasus Global Pvt Ltd once again demonstrated why they are esteemed in the industry, delivering an event that exceeded expectations and left a lasting impression on all involved.

Jebitha Ajit, the Managing Director of Pegasus Global, bestowed the title of Miss Glam World upon the winner. Unnikrishnan Nair, the GM of SAJ Earth Hotel, and Jolly Antony, Chairman of Vibe Munnar, jointly crowned the first runner-up. The second runner-up was honored by Preeti Prakash, Director, and Prakash Parakkat, Managing Director, Parakkat Jewellers. Ajit Ravi, the founder of the Miss Glam World competition and Chairman of Pegasus, officiated the prize announcement and coronation.

Dasun V Imukthi Bandara Wijesinghe (Founder / CEO of The Walk Model Academy and The Walk Studio, Sri Lanka), Balan Maëva (Actress & Model, France), Ambika S Nair (Actress, India), Rohit Manjrekar (Music Director, Canada) and Dr. Fong Toh Jeng (CEO and Founder, UR klinik, Malaysia) were on the judging panel. The winners of the subtitles were selected by a panel of eminent persons.

Preeti Parakkat of Parakkat Jewelers crafted the exquisite gold stuffed crown presented to the winners of Miss Glam World.

Continental Titles

Miss Glam World Asia – Philippines

Miss Glam World Africa – South Africa

Miss Glam World Europe – France

Miss Glam World South America –Brazil

Sub Title Winners

Miss Glam World Solidarity – South Africa

Miss Glam World Fashionista – Philippines

Miss Glam World Talent – Taiwan

Miss Glam World Sensational – Russia

Miss Glam World Diligent – India

Miss Glam World Inspiring – Zambia

Miss Glam World Vivacious – Sri Lanka

Miss Glam World Shining Star – Nepal

Miss Glam World Ramp Walk – Brazil

VeeKayVees Gourmet Queen – Sri Lanka

Miss Glam World National Costume – Philippines

Miss Glam World Adorable – France

SAJ Group Hotels and Resorts and DQUE Watches is the main partners of Miss Glam World 2024 organized by Pegasus Global Pvt Ltd. Manappuram Finance Ltd, FICF (Federal International Chamber Forum), Unique Times, VIBE and DQUE Face and Body Skin Friendly Soap are powered by Partners.

Co-partners are Parakkat Resort, Kalpana International, Times New, UT World, Aiswaria Advertisements, Europe Times, Alcazar, Ryoto Electrix, Neenu Pro The Sound Experts, Green Media, St Joseph Hospital Trust, Divas, VeeKayVees Caterers, Akshay Inco and JD Institute of Fashion Technology.

The main objective behind organizing this competition is to showcase the rich and diverse cultural values of the country, while also promoting tourism. Pegasus Global Pvt Ltd distinguishes itself as the only company in the world that has chosen to eliminate the widely recognized Bikini round from their pageants. Instead, they prioritize talent and personality as the key criteria for evaluation.

Picture Courtesy: Pegasus Photography/images are subject to copyright


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