January 21, 2022
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Komaki Venice Introduces High Speed ​​Electric Scooter

Electric vehicle maker Komaki Electric Vehicle has launched its new high speed electric scooter Venice. This electric scooter will be the fifth model in Komaki’s fastest portfolio in the country. According to HT Auto, the car will be available in nine different color schemes and will soon hit the Indian roads in keeping with the company’s eco – friendly theme.

Komaki Venice stands out for its trendy aesthetic features. A combination of iconic and sophisticated styling aims at all ages. The electric scooter comes with a 72v40ah battery pack, ample seating and an extra storage box to ensure that storage is not an issue on long trips.

The high speed Komaki electric scooter also comes with features like repair switch, regenerative braking system, reverse switch and Bluetooth connectivity. Komaki says the vehicle was built with travel in mind and the need to enjoy driving.

In addition to Venice, Komaki also unveiled their long-awaited electric cruiser motorcycle Ranger yesterday. The country’s first electric cruiser bike comes with a four kilowatt battery pack paired with a 5,000 watt motor. The company claims that it can run up to 250 km on a single charge. This makes the Komaki Ranger the longest range electric two wheeler in India. The EV brand claims that this cruiser bike can withstand a variety of terrains and different climates.

With the launch of these two models – Komaki Ranger and Komaki Venice – the manufacturer will have a total of five fast registration models in its portfolio and a total of sixteen models for customers across the country. Gunjan Malhotra, Director, Komaki Ranger and Komaki Venice, said the company has the best mileage, modern technology and eco – friendliness required for Indian roads.

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