July 14, 2020
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Former model Saahil Choudary revealed the bitter truth of B-town

After the death of ‘Chichchore’ actor Sushant Singh Rajput different questions and debates has been going round the table. Former model Saahil Choudhary has now came forward and revealed about the dirty politics, nepotism and also about the Bollywood mafia.

A video of Saahil Choudhary is going round on internet were he can be seen taking the big names of Bollywood Karan Johar, Salman Khan who exploits the new comers (outsiders) and has also accused them for sexual exploitation and only for launching star kids. He is requesting the netizens to boycott their movie and also the big production houses.

Saahil Choudary has came forward before also and accused designer Sadan Pande and Rohit Verma for sexual misconduct on me too movement and Saahil was boycotted from the industry.

Before Saahil Choudary, actress Payal Rohatgi has also came forward and slammed against Bollywood industry and alleged that the industry is responsible for the death of Sushant. Few days before singer Sonu Nigam too revealed about tha hidden Bollywood music mafia.

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