July 24, 2021
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ToneTag Partnered with Amazon: Deploying Voice-Payment Tech

The fintech that specializes in the use of sound to carry payment credentials, ToneTag, has partnered with Amazon deploying a technology that completes transactions by talking to television or orally placing an order in-store. ToneTag co-founder Kumar Abhishek stated, “Voice assistants like Alexa convert sound into instructions, but they cannot carry data. By adding our Continue Reading
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Osaka Connect Dot Com Pvt Ltd: Osaka Groups opens their new venture at Bengaluru

One of the leading travel and tour management company of India Osaka Group from Kerala opened their new branch at Bengaluru, Osaka Connect Dot Com Pvt Ltd. Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic situation the inauguration was conducted virtually by Shri J Alexander IAS, Former Tourism Minister and Former Chief Secretary of Karnataka. Smt.Bissy […]Continue Reading
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StanPlus Expands its Offerings to Bengaluru; To Arrive Within 15 Minutes

The private patient logistics and medical response company-StanPlus is about the enter the Bengaluru market with the launch of a Red Ambulance service. Through this platform, StanPlus says it uses technology that offers a premium quality medical response to patients and can reduce the response time for an ambulance within 15 minutes. The cost of […]Continue Reading