Published On: Fri, Jul 4th, 2014

X-Men Director Wants Allegations of Sex Abuse to be Dismissed


Recently the “X-Men” director Bryan Singer was slapped on with a second sex abuse lawsuit which had been filed before the release of his movie “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” which Singer is asking to have dismissed. The lawsuit which was filed by an anonymous British man accused the filmmaker and an entertainment executive of having sexually abused him as a minor. Singer’s attorney, Marty Singer, requested the U.S. District Judge Dean Pregerson to throw the suit which had been filed in May, stating that it was improperly filed by the British citizen, who was identified in the court papers as John Doe No. 117.

The lawsuit which had been filed accused Singer and entertainment industry executive Gary Goddard of forced the British man into sexual acts as a minor with promising him to help him in an acting career. The allegations have been stated to be false and fabrications by Singer’s lawyer saying that it is just a way to get money from the director. Goddard’s lawyer stated that the accusations are spurious.  Singer demanded in court that the plaintiff pay $300,000 for Singer’s expected legal fees.

Despite the scandalous news surrounding the “X-Men” director, the release of his late film had pulled in $715 million at the global box office in its first five weeks, and is most likely to be one of the top grossing movies of the year.



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X-Men Director Wants Allegations of Sex Abuse to be Dismissed