Published On: Mon, May 14th, 2012

Unity Living

Online Magazine Apartment Management can sometimes become extremely complex. Unity living can make apartment management a breeze. This simple software can automate every single activity of apartment management. It is quite simple that once the basic configuration is over; there is actually very little work to do every month.
Unity Living have an accounting package built into it. It will take care of the complete accounting task related to an apartment. Billing, collections, vendor payments and related tasks can be done in few clicks.
The biggest challenge for any apartment management is handling complex data, related to different houses, like owner details, tenant details, staff, income, expenses, dues etc. Once the basic configuration handling data is extremely easy, moreover exact information can be accessed easily.
Service requests can be managed with quite comfort as there is a built in option to raise and track service requests. Since in all cloud based, owners can track apartment functioning from anywhere in the world.
Communication systems like email and sms are built into the software so that your apartment management reaches you, even if you don’t log in to your account.
Above all, Unity Living brings in a professional approach to manage an apartment. It also brings in a fool proof method, enhances transparency in accounting. Association management can improve owner satisfaction.



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Unity Living