UNEP chief express concerns over ‘Thoothukudi deaths’


The chief of the United Nations Environment Programme, Erik Solheim, while visiting the Cochin International Airport, has expressed concerns over the ‘Thoothukudi deaths’.

He has asserted that the government authorities must not use bullets against the common people under any circumstance. He has also said that the common protesters must not use violent means to express their protest.

The comment has come at the time when the Tamil Nadu police force is receiving serious criticism from people belonging to various social strata for their merciless use of fatal bullets against the common people who were protesting demanding the closure of Sterlite Plant in Thoothukudi.

More than ten people were killed and several others seriously injured in the police firing in the costal district of Tamil Nadu.

The protest was originally organised to bring the attention of the society about the damages made by the factory on the environment and people.

The people claimed that the pollutants expelled by the factory seriously affected the environment and people in the region.

Several people were arrested for taking part in the protests. There were allegations that the police force was purposefully executing forceful means to mitigate the violent protest.

Will the International interference bring out the reality?   


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UNEP chief express concerns over ‘Thoothukudi deaths’