Published On: Thu, Jun 14th, 2018

Tips to make natural air freshener


Are you tired of using chemical air fresheners? Actually, most of the air fresheners, even those claim as natural, are not natural and are very harmful to health. Such air fresheners may even cause serious diseases such as cancer.

Don’t worry. We have a solution. Why are you using chemical air fresheners when several simple tips available in the social media platforms on how to make homemade air fresheners?

It is to be noted that the homemade air fresheners are usually not made of chemicals and/so are not injurious to health.

Here, a simple technique to make homemade fragrant pot is shared. This air freshener is used using orange and cinnamon.  

Bring a pot semi-filled with water to boil. Put three or four horizontally-sliced pieces of orange and a hand full of cinnamon into the pot. Boil this in low flame until the essence of the ingredients totally melted into the water. Put this water along with the ingredients in an open container.

What is in the container is your air freshener. You can place it wherever you want. It will emit a sweet pleasant smell.

Try this! Avoid unhealthy chemicals!     



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Tips to make natural air freshener