Published On: Wed, Nov 15th, 2017

Tips to ease discomforts caused by ‘loose motion’


Many of us hate to discuss loose motion. It is actually a common disease. Bacterial and viral infections are the common causes of this uncomfortable disease condition. The disease is easily curable.

If you want to ease the discomforts caused by this irritating ailment, you must avoid some food items from your diet.

Dairy products, excessively sweet food items, fatty food items and fruit juices are the prime products you should avoid when you suffer from this disease condition.

There is a natural medicine which has the ability to fight this disease condition: the mixture of fenugreek and yoghurt.

Loose motion dehydrates human body. In such situations, the human body needs more amount of water than the actual amount one drinks regularly to keep his/her body well-hydrated.

So, it is advised that a person who suffers from loose motion must drink as many glasses of water he can.

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Tips to ease discomforts caused by ‘loose motion’