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“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude”. – Maya Angelou.

Attitude is everything. This is something that we know or hear in day to day life. Easy said than done. Due to the piled up experiences and mind conditioning , most of the time we tend to be resilient to those comfortable cocoons that we have always been in, no matter how much it has not helped us ever. Yes, we all know and understand that how successful people have been persistently chasing their passion, despite of pitfalls, challenges and failures. We see some amazing people in life, inspite of their hard-hitting days, they tend to smile at the world all the time.

So often an individual thinks – “my problem is greater than his. I can’t smile at this juncture. How can I be kind to another humanbeing when I am going through this tough turmoil?!” So is that only we have issues, and others don’t? And is it really true that our problems are always humongous than our neighbours? Or have you ever thought that there are chances that the other person who looks bit more pleasant has been habitually trying to overcome his trouble being more composed? Yes. Can’t we also try to inculcate that habit of being under control when we face mayhem in life?

A positive attitude is pro-active, not reactive. It is often a choice. Most of the times, we look outside for happiness and positivity. Seldom have we realised that we are the creators of our own happiness. Happiness is within you and you need to practice to be happy. Whenever life throws a circumstance at you, it always gives you the power to choose how you should react to it. Each one of us has a mental framework we have consciously or unconsciously chosen over a period of time. There are people who look at all the facts to assess the most plausible explanations and reasonable predictions. There are still another set who challenge non-facts; they refuse to be misled by bogus assertions. There are people who make sense of life of the way it bring them joy and comfort. Some people do not let any new facts enter their knowledge base on a fear that it will affect the ‘equilibrium’ they have now. Infact we as humanbeings understand that none of the perceptions is right or wrong. It is simply is a state of being.

This world throws at us unlimited opportunity. It gives us the choice to be happy or not. To understand another person or not. To make peace with another individual or not. It all depends upon our own decision what we have stored in for ourselves in future. As they say, the only disability in life is a bad attitude. It helps you to go high or low. No one humanbeing can have absolute control over what occurs in their lives. So it is even more important to decipher and uphold an attitude even before you face a problem. To indulge in what you do, to have commitment and dedication – it all requires a properly built up attitude. If you are not sincere to what you do, you will end up in fooling yourself and eventually fall apart in life.

Here, we need to open up our minds to learning and unlearning attitudes. It is all the more important to recognise what hinders your growth and smoothness of your life. It is scientifically proven that ‘positive affirmations’ helps us to stay calm with a right attitude. Your conscious mind should be able to feed in the right mental information to your subconscious mind. The nervous system is your body’s decision maker and communication centre. It is what you feed regularly to your system that you eventually become. What you think is what you are. Your body then is constantly listening to your mind. It makes necessary changes and gets so habitual over time that if you are not consciously endeavouring, it will become difficult to change a habitual action or thought. This is the reason why we your fingers are able to mechanically dial a number on your phone even when your conscious mind can’t get remember it quite right.

Everyone has troubles. The only people who do not have trouble are the dead ones. Worrying incessantly is in vain. When we confront an issue, we should find alternate ways of looking at it, the cause that created that issue, how we can rise above it to solve and different solutions that can end the problem. Everything has an end. An end itself has an end. Unless you try, things will remain the same. At times we might have noticed how lazy we are to try change things. How difficult we feel it to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. Yes, having said that there are times, we need to accept that there are things we cannot change too. What if an asteroid is going to hit our town? Is there anything else you can do other than to hope it won’t make a larger calamity? So there are things under your control and things those are not. We need to be wise enough to find the distinction between those. A right attitude can then help you deal with the things that you cannot change. Moving on to a better option can always make you happier.

Life always do not have to be perfect, it is our attitude and viewpoint towards it that makes it wonderful. A smallest change in perspective can transform lives. Napolean Hill in his book “You can work your own miracles” talks about this real time story about a boy who was born with no ears, he was deaf. However his father didn’t want to give up and went on to treat his son anyway; he never let his son feel that he is deaf. Miraculously at the age of ten, the boy started hearing. When he was taken for a doctor’s visit the doctor said that the nerves have somehow made their way to be in a form that supports hearing. This story shows us the power of positive thinking. We see such miracles happening around us daily. This is the explanation behind Placebo effect too. When you believe that this pill will cure you, even if it is not a medicinal drug, you will be healed. Always be ready for good things to happen to you. If you believe it will, it will. If you believe it wont, it wont. It is as simple as that. It is all about how you look at things.

The power is yours. Think of only the possibilities. Have faith. Look at the brighter side. You are still alive.

Dolly Neena






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