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“There will always be setbacks and challenges in business. Expect the unexpected, go forward only after finding solutions to overcome those hitches” – says one of the Directors of Goodwin Group, Mr. A.M. Sudheesh. It was during his 6th standard, this name Goodwin struck his mind. From then he desired to make it a successful brand in business and today it has struck gold. It denotes the forever victory of goodness over evil. Their motto itself aligns to this, “Heart knows the value of relationships”. It was in 1992, Goodwin group, an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, started its victorious stride, starting from the cultural capital of Kerala. The very place, Thrissur, which has contributed the world most of its very popular and immensely successful malayalee from the state. The group then spread its wings and started its operations in Dombivili in 2004. It was a gradual and evident growth from a single showroom to 10 in Mumbai, Pune, Kerala and Kuwait as a private limited company. The group is spread across different segments – Jewellery wholesale, retail and manufacturing, Bombay Chains, Developers, Security Systems and Goodwin Charitable Trust. Having their group’s corporate office in Thrissur, Goodwin developers has construction sites across South India. Two new projects are in the making at Thrissur near Palace Road. The managing board is headed by Sri. Mohananan Akkarakaran, Chairman of Goodwin Group of Companies; Sri. Sunil Kumar Mohanan, Director and Sri. Sudheesh Kumar Mohanan, Director.

Journey so far.

This very vibrant group started with Gold jewellery making two decades ago and now controls the security systems for the very reputed Guruvayur temple. The diversification and growth was solid and accelerating. The group now has more than 800 employees who work harmoniously with the vision and objective and on achieving the company’s annual goals. Goodwin understands the need of continuous training for its employee base, and hence provides regular trainings on soft skills refinement and personality development. Employees are our first customers. As a part of keeping the employee lot happy, the management has derived a Staff welfare fund too. Goodwin always keeps in mind the delight of their employees and retain them to their satisfaction.

Goodwin stands strong with 75000 clients in North India. They believe that business is a by-product of maintaining genuine relationships with the customers. “We look at customers not only just as right, but as God itself.” As part of their expansion plans, Goodwin group resolves to open up 25 new branches spreading across Maharashtra. Company runs 13 effective Customer Care Centres now, which will be accelerated in numbers and size soon. The most strategic plan of the group was to foresee the upcoming demand in the market and captivate the market before any competitors could flourish. Mr. Sudheesh takes no chance in listening to advices, he takes it from anyone despite age, if it sounds sensible. “Choose your product with much forethought; do enough market research before you launch your product; make sure your product has adequate space to get sold. Each customer would be looking for different service factors in your product. Have the wisdom to understand and provide that. Quality, Affordability and impeccable Service should be your dictum”.

Unparalleled Products and Services.

India is growing to be one of the No.1 again economically and industrially. With the changing times, threats to life and assets is also increasing. Thefts have become unpredictably unconventional and hi-tech. It is inevitable that people mount hi-tech devices at homes and offices inorder to assure their own security. Goodwin security systems has state-of-the-art security schemes including ones for vehicles. Goodwin determines to make this people-friendly and more accessible to the common lot. You can even switch on and switch off your car with your mobile even when you are away from the vehicle, through the innovative techniques Goodwin brings you. The advanced security systems claims Japanese and German technology and are imported from HongKong, Taiwan, China, Korea etc. These ultra-modern systems titles a year’s replacement warranty from National Insurance Company; and the mobile services operates in association with BSNL. Security systems’ segment shows a steady and exponential growth of 60% in India. Goodwin’s products are economical and user-friendly. The management feels proud about their management style to “minimise the big issues and eliminate the small issues” with tactical approach to issues. Sometimes even parents of staffs are invited to some staff meetings. “Innovation and progress is the key element in the growth phase of Goodwin group”, Mr. A.M. Sudheesh Kumar, the director, reiterates.

Philanthropy and more.

Goodwin Charitable Trust is an unmatched name in the field of philanthropy. The altruistic team behind the trust believes in providing unconditional support to the needy, whether it be education, home, money or medicine. All of the employees at Goodwin donates blood, which is a highly commendable deed in a very destitute world. A doctors card is provided to all those who donate blood, to assure security and transparency. Goodwin is also active campaigners for organ donation, application forms are available in all of their outlets. Their organ donation has a membership of over 48000 now.

Sunilkumar A.M. and Family

Sunilkumar A.M. and Family

Sudheeshkumar A.M. and family

Sudheeshkumar A.M. and family

Values and Family.

‘It’s a choice to believe those who stand with you and to wilfully ignore those whom you can’t trust’, says Sudheesh. Goodwin group strives to hold on to ethics and values, even when they have quite a fast ride on the road to success. It’s a group strengthened with youth and energy. These two decades, Goodwin has proved their sustenance in the market and proclaims that they are here to stay for more. Visions and goals are clear to everyone who is behind this. One thing they don’t compromise is on Quality. Decisions are taken with minimal time with confidence and prudence. Goodwin sees themselves as a Limited Company in a short span of time. Even amidst the very busy schedules in expanding successfully, Mr. Sudheesh says he always finds time for his family. He doesn’t believe in a life where he can’t be an active part of the happiness of his family. Or else, what life is that”? he asks. Indu is his wife, and his children are Gokul Krishna, Lakshmi Krishna and Kedar Krishna. Vinisha Sunil is Mr. Sunil Kumar’s wife. Sree Nandhana, Lakshmi Nandhana and Govind Krishna are his children.

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